If your diagnosis seems unclear to you, or even your doctor, please don’t be alarmed. We’ve learned through worldwide referrals, that mistakes and inconsistancies in diagnosis and terminology tend to be the norm, and not the exception. For example, these inconsistencies are readily apparent in something as simple as how many doctors, and even textbooks, mistakenly interchange the words: “slipped disc; bulged disc; herniated disc; ruptured disc; pinched nerve; or degenerated disc.”

We believe it’s valuable, and reassuring for you, to recognize that disparities exist, even among the most respected textbooks, journals, and professors. Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg concerning misunderstandings of spine terminology and diagnosis. For this reason, Dr. Kevin Pauza served as Chairman of several international spine societies, writing and teaching spine surgeons, radiologists, and other specialists the importance of utilizing correct terminology, to improve treatment outcomes.