We call them “Success Stories” with good reason. Our patients have their own stories to tell about how they suffered before undergoing Dr. Pauza’s Discseel® Procedure and the results afterward. Be amazed as you watch Richard Hart’s story and the others below. Please call our office or apply online today to find out if you are a candidate for the Discseel® Procedure. Your new life awaits!


When Erica began developing spinal pain, she was no longer able to run and felt like the things she loved were taken away from her. She found out about Dr. Kevin Pauza’s procedure through her spine surgeon. She decided this was the best option and it gave her hope to return to her active lifestyle. Erica Knudsen was able to return to running after having Pauza Discseel®. Erica says that this procedure has “100 percent turned her life around.”


Patient Sean Gilbert, shares his life changing experience with Pauza Discseel® and how he has been able to return to the lifestyle activities he loves. Sean wanted to find a solution to his back pain that did not involve having hardware put in his spine. He chose Pauza Discseel®.

“Pauza’s disc treatment has given me back my life. It’s given me the lifestyle that I moved to Hawaii for thirty five years ago. I’m able to be in the ocean, be in the mountains, be a happy person again.” – Sean Gilbert


Jim Murphy is now 1.5 years post-op after living with pain for over 10 years. He is an active guy that loves yoga, pilates, skiing, hunting, fishing, boating and more adventures, but for years he couldn’t pursue these because of back pain.

Then he discovered Dr. Kevin Pauza’s website and that changes his WHOLE life. Watch and be amazed!


When Hector fell off a ladder at work, his life changed forever. Constant back pain altered his life, and his family life began to suffer. The Discseel® Procedure had him back to work within 7 days and he can enjoy his favorite hobbies again! Watch how the Discseel® Procedure gave Hector his life back. “The Discseel® Procedure has given me back something that my back and physical activities took away from me. It gave me back my life. It gave me back my family.” – Hector Rivera


Charlie was active in many sports from an early age. But an increasing level of back pain made Charlie cautious about being active in the sports he loved and even everyday tasks. The treatments he received gave him no relief, and Charlie feared invasive fusion surgery. Watch how Discseel® gave Charlie his life back.

“It’s been amazing the difference that has occurred in my life. It really was a game changer for me. So for me, Discseel has changed my life.” – Charlie Bolton Take your life back and begin healing from chronic pain. Visit to start your journey.

30 years ago I injured my back with two herniated discs pressing on my spinal cord that turned into degenerative discs in all my lumbar disks. I even had two vertebrae that naturally fused together because one disc was totally degenerated and I wouldn’t give into the surgery. Doctors told me surgery was my only option. I spent 20 years looking for an alternative without surgery. I was in a lot of pain and at the point where I couldn’t work anymore. Found you on the internet 10 years ago and you had been offering disk seal for 2 years prior. I went against what everybody was saying and went for it because it made sense. I am now 10 years pain-free and continued my career as a successful chef thanks to your vision and efforts to heal people with the disc seal procedure. I’ll send you some picks of where I live and the area when I get a chance. Thank Kevin

- David D.

You did my Discseel procedure 2 weeks ago today.  I am doing so good that words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have.  When talking meloxicam I have absolutely zero pain.  It is absolutely incredible.  I have been this good since day #2 post procedure. The hardest part for me is behaving myself since I feel so good!


Dear Dr. Pauza, Carrie, and Staff,

My partner and I just became the 2022 United States Champions in S2 Ballroom.  Couldn’t have done it without you, Dr. Pauza.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your Discseel procedure is a life changer 💕. Hope we can catch up when you’re back in Naples.

- Lesley Brookman

Kevin 22,000 ft! Thanks, Kevin! That’s me without the helmet and my son, Nate. Soooo fun!

No issues with back! Thanks for my life!

- Dan

“I’m Feeling better each day, I just finished biking trip around The Netherlands and Belgium. 250 miles in 5 days. I will be doing an Ironman world championship in 2 months….!”

- Daniel Weidenburch

Dr. Pauza has given me a chance to enjoy my grandkids, travel, and soon, retirement. I can walk a little more each week with out pain and without my legs going numb. It’s been a lot of years since I could do that.

- Mark C.

Dr. Pauza and his staff were excellent. I had three ruptured disks in my lower back. My leg pain had been very bad for the last 4 months. Could not sit at all. Had my procedure completed on 4/13/21 and every day has been better than the previous. I am so happy to finally have relief and can have a normal day without spending all day on my pain. I still have some lingering leg pain, but not nearly as bad and getting better every day. My back pain seems to be gone or disappearing every day. I could not be happier that I went to Tyler, Texas, from Ohio. I was very nervous about the procedure, but give Dr. Pauza the highest praise now.

- Brian D.

My very first contact with Dr. Pauza’s office was nothing short of fantastic. Amy was the absolute best patient liaison I have ever worked with. The day of the Discseel® Procedure, when Dr. Pauza came to talk to my husband and I about what to expect, he was not rushed and took time to answer every question we had. When we were all set he wheeled my gurney out of pre-op to the procedure room. My experience was the best I have ever had.

I am 10 days post procedure and my pain is almost completely gone. I struggled with severe back pain for more than 20 years and never thought I would ever be pain free and this procedure is proving me wrong. Amy has contacted me several times checking on how I am feeling. That makes me so happy I pursued having this done. Thank you to Dr. Pauza, Amy and all the staff at the Turtle Creek Surgery Center.

- Cathi W.

Dr. Pauza and his staff go above and beyond for their patients. They are fully vested and care. They want to see you heal and improve your quality of life. Remarkable treatment and team.

I’m glad I did not opt for surgery and took this route. I have suffered from back pain for 12+ years, some days I could not put my pants, socks and shoes on. I would get MRIs every year, I did ablation, injections, therapy and medication with minimal relief and all short term. One Neurologist said it was muscle pain, another just prescribed medication a third had me come in for shots every few months. Multiple specialists and all trying to lead me to fusion.

I’m a week post op and I’m seeing the signs this is working. I cannot wait to wake up pain free and not have to worry that in ten years I’ll need another surgery as is typically the case with fusion (I have two friends that have followed that path).

- Marwan M.

Dear Dr. Pauza and Carrie,
THANK YOU for giving me my life back and the ability to dance again. Your Discseel® Procedure truly is a life saver. In the Palm Beach Classic Dancesport, my partner and I placed 1st in  Championship and 3rd in Scholarship. It was a long and tiring day, but I held up well.  I hope to see you both in Naples soon!

- Lesley G.

January 19, 2021

Lesley G. success stories
Lesley G. success stories

The Discseel® Procedure has solved my lower back problems, which other doctors have overlooked for the past 4 years. I wish I had known about this procedure earlier.


I was so impressed by Dr. Pauza and his team’s personal attention and concern for me as a patient! They all were so comforting in such a stressful time. His innovative, ingenious method of pain relief, through his own patented Disceel, allowed me to live life again!! That was five years ago, and I’ll sing his praises forever!


I’ll be 1 year out October 11 of this year. I was bone on bone in the L4 L5, had nothing. Dr. Pauza did my procedure and I’m in ZERO PAIN.. Well worth it. No regrets.


Just passed my 5 year anniversary of the Discseel® Procedure done on 2 discs. Wake up everyday thanking Dr. Kevin Pauza for his quest for excellence on treating his patients. Nothing short of a miracle for me.

- JON A.

Dr. Pauza made me an inner-city firefighter again… 6 months back, no problems since!


Looked up Dr. Pauza on the Internet. His first concern was getting me relief for my chronic pains and genuinely concerned. Turned out to be a God send. Stayed with him until I moved to Lubbock. I learned to trust doctors while going to him where I was skeptical before. Because of me learning to trust through him, I was able to make good medical decisions with Doctors out here. I have only praise and offer thanks to Dr. Pauza and his Staff. After 13 Years on total Disability, I am now working toward going back to work.



I had 2 microdiscectomy’s (2010, 2012). I’m my case, they just bought me some time as the pain always comes back. In 2015, I was recommended to get a 4 level X Flex fusion. No way, there are alternatives……This procedure changed my life. It’s changed the lives of many friends and family members as well. I was on pain meds for 10 years and in awful pain. I was off them 2 weeks after the procedure, that was 3.5 years ago.



Dr. Pauza gave me my life back. That statement may sound dramatic but it is true. I was being treated by arguably the best physicians at UCSF and Stanford (two top-tier medical hospitals) and my results were abysmal. I was in immense pain every day and the only relief I could find was through narcotics. I had basically given up until somebody saw me limping one day and recommend that I go see Dr. Pauza. Though my back will never return to normal I can now live a relatively comfortable life. The cost for the procedure was the best check I ever wrote. I would be happy to share my experience via phone. Carrie Wright can connect us.



Today marks my 60 days after the procedure and I am happy to report that I have turned a corner! I was a very lucky candidate that was introduced to Dr. Pauza within a few weeks of my initial symptoms. We anticipated an early turning point for my case, however, I want to emphasize that it does take a lot of hard work, discipline, and diligence for a successful and speedy recovery! I cannot thank Dr. Pauza and his team enough for giving my body this opportunity to heal.



To Dr. Pauza, Carrie, Brittany and the whole staff: Thank you for the compassion, medical care and related services you provided me before and after the Discseel® Procedure. I am grateful for having been referred to Dr. Pauza. I had the discseel procedure on January 29, 2019, and I can tell that I am receiving benefits from it already. I have had lower back pain for over 2 years now after being rear-ended. Before, I did not have back pain. I tried conservative care to deal with it. Unfortunately, the conservative care did not work, and doctors told me that I’ll need surgery. After the Discseel® Procedure, I can already tell that my pain is improving. I know recovery varies but I am very optimistic that the Discseel® Procedure will possibly eliminate the need for back surgery.

Thank you Dr. Pauza , Carrie and the whole staff!!



Yesterday 12/7/2017 was my one year anniversary doing Disceel after two failed back surgeries and a cancelled fusion. This procedure saved my life and I am forever grateful for Dr Pauza and all of his staff!!


Feb. 2018!!! The best move for me EVER!!! I had multiple injections to help reduce the pain. Finally flew to Texas and had this procedure. Pain free and tingling in legs gone! AMAZING!!!!

- RON B.

I was in so much daily pain from a degenerative disc and two others that were herniated that I saw two spine specialists in OH and begged them to operate in order to relieve the pain. They both refused. On a scale of 1-10, I lived wit a constant 6. It was affecting me physically and emotionally. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Pauza by one of those specialists. I was hesitant at first, but felt relieved after talking to his staff. My wife and I flew to TX for the procedure in June of 2018. It is now December 2018 and I have been pain free for a month and counting! It’s hard to describe this feeling after having lied with daily pain for so long. Thank you Dr. Pauza!



I had 2 Microdiscectomies by a Spine Surgeon in NJ who did not educate me on why or how they reherniated. Didn’t educate me that the hole in my disc will never close. And that my 3 adjacent discs were degenerating. Dr Pauza told me all this on the phone reviewing my MRI. Spine Surgeons are out for one thing. To Fuse you. Then your life will be miserable. I found Dr Pauza through my uncle mentioning he saw “A guy in Texas that seals discs” The CBS story from 6 years ago. I did my research and planned an appointment with DR Pauza this past October. The procedure was done and I feel there is a fullness in my discs now. Still in some pain but im only a month post op and that area has been comprised 2 times before. But im confident once this pain subsides ill be back to normal. Thank you Dr Pauza, Carrie, Brittany and office staff..



I was so nervous going into the discseel procedure because I came in from out of state and had never met Dr. Pauza and his team. I was thoroughly impressed by their politeness and eagerness to answer any questions. Dr. Pauza took his time making sure I was comfortable during the office appointment before the procedure that afternoon. Everyone has been very encouraging and after the procedure I had more of a pressure feeling than pain. My recovery has been great and I am so happy that I am going to have my life back again! I hope everyone that is a candidate will try the discseel before a spinal fusion. Thanks! 



I had the procedure two weeks ago October 23, 2018. The personal service is excellent and Dr Pauza cares about his patients. Although I received pain medication for two full weeks I only needed to take a few tablets for 3 days. Don’t worry about excess pain although I know pain is a very individual thing. Hopeful for good results.



It’s been 4 months since my Disceel procedure for 4 herniated discs, and all 5 of my lumbar discs had tears that leaked. I haven’t had a chance to post a review on your web page. Until I do, here’s the bottom line. After living with pain for almost 35 years, It’s been an absolute miracle for me. Although I took the prescribed pain pills the first night, I really never needed them and never took another one, just an occasional Advil. I’m doing everything I want without any pain or discomfort, biking, hiking, swimming, weight training, etc., and I’m letting everyone I know that suffers with back or neck pain about Dr Pauza’s Disceel. I can’t thank Dr Pauza and his entire staff enough for giving me my pain free life back.



Dr. Pauza and you AMAZING team. From my first phone call and to my hotel and to all appointments your entire team was so inviting and made me feel so cared for. That wasn’t even a start of the real miracle. I was so frustrated at my back and the challenges it was causing me before coming to you. Pauza Discseel procedure was such a blessing to my back. It’s been 6 weeks since my Pauza Discseel procedure and I was unbelievably better the next day. I’ve taken it easy as you told me to but my back pain was gone after my Pauza Discseel procedure. I’m so glad I can keep doing my job that I love doing. Before hearing about Pauza Discseel I was told my only complete fix would be rods and pins and never work again. Thank you for giving me youth again. Hugs, Jerlynn



It’s been 4 months since my Disceel procedure for 4 herniated discs, and all 5 of my lumbar discs had tears that leaked. Here’s the bottom line. After living with pain for almost 35 years, It’s been an absolute miracle for me. I followed your instructions, well except for one, I walked in a swimming pool a little to longer than I should have after 1 week, and the rest of that day was my most painful experience with muscle spasms during my entire recovery, but I was back to 100% the following day. Although I took the pain pills the first night, I really never needed them, just an occasional Advil. I’m doing everything I want without any pain or discomfort, biking, hiking, swimming, weight training, etc., and I’m letting everyone I know that suffers with back or neck pain about Dr Pauza’s Disceel. I can’t thank Dr Pauza and his entire staff enough.


This is a follow-up to my initial review just under a year ago. I’m currently at about 90% of what I was before the incident that herniated L4-S1, which is, quite frankly, amazing to me considering no hardware was placed and no microdiscectomy prior. Just this small procedure. Because of this progress I’ve successfully weaned off all narcotics and only I’ve occasionally take an NSAID for those mornings where my bones are plotting against me, or I’ve been an idiot and done a bit too much. I’ve also been able to work (I’m an RN), though not in the same capacity as before (I may be overly protective, but I would rather not reinjure myself). If you’re in the fence about this procedure I would strongly recommend calling the office (they’re Texan, so be prepared for a LONG super friendly chat!). Also, feel free to look me up on social media and ask questions.



Been a while since I attended Tyler TX to have the treatment on both my Lumbar and Cervical area of my Spine. I had my procedure May 21st-23rd 2017. The Canadian doctors I had been attending regards the Numbness in my arms along with neck pain especially while driving said it was Degenerative disc disease that would not be getting better and that I should immediately adopt or look forward to a much more sedentary life style, that was very bad news as I was mid Fifties looking forward to enjoying life on the West coast. Along with the Cervical area I had for many years had lumbar disc problems L3 L4 L5 which pain killers helped the pain along with regular Chiropractic manipulation. Since the procedure The Cervical area has resulted in a amazing success with a complete loss of pain in my arms that had extended down to my hands. Its now all gone even though I’ve continued my love of deep Sea fishing and other demanding sports activities. The lumbar area Has healed more slowly but is still showing very good progress. I have not returned for any other treatment to date as the pain is infrequent even though I Continue to live life to the fullest. Dr Pauza is never far away to provide advice from himself and his staff even out of hours showing a tremendous commitment to his patients wellbeing which is way beyond what I expected. My Canadian Doctors while having an open mind were still reserved on showing optimism however are continuing to be impressed how things are progressing. I thank Dr Pauza and his staff for giving me a new opportunity which I would not have as the operation showed that actually in my lumbar area I had too many discs leaking above each other, which would have completely made and thought of fusion a’ No Go’. although I from the go would never consider that having read and studied so many poor outcomes with that option. So after sixteen months I would recommend anyone to seriously consider this procedure at the very least as a real option to help remove that pain that can be so overwhelming.



I am so blessed to have this advancement in treatment in my area!



My back is holding up great and it’s been 3 years. This procedure was a true blessing.



Having lifelong lower back issues and relatively new issues with my neck, I was faced with a 3 to 4 level fusion in my neck and possibly more in my lower back. Fusion would have drastically diminished my quality of life, and in Canada, they have no other options. After conducting extensive research worldwide for an alternative treatment I found Dr. Pauza. Four weeks after contacting his office, I flew to Tyler, Texas to undergo two separate procedures. One for my neck and one for my lower back. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Pauza and his staff, both at his office and the surgical center. Dr. Pauza truly sets the gold standard for customer service and patient care. I’m 6 weeks out from my procedure and I feel great. Dr. Pauza has truly given me my life back!



I have been a patient of Dr. Pauza since 2003 and have always found that he is not only concerned about my lower back issues but has also been very interested in working with me to ensure that each procedure we have done is exactly what I needed. He has made sure that I was fully on board with his decisions regarding the procedures and that I completely understand what each procedure entailed. I have always found him to be very generous with his time during my office visits, and he has a very personable. I have had several procedures with Dr. Pauza which have all resulted in relieving pain in my lower back. The one procedure that has been a “life changer” for me was the Discseel procedure I had about a year ago. The procedure was over before I knew it and there was very little pain during the procedure. For me, I noticed immediately that my back was much more stable and I was walking around that afternoon with no pain. Since the procedure, I have had no episodes of my back “going out” as it used to do prior to the procedure and I have found that driving and sitting has been much more tolerable. I highly recommend the Discseel Procedure to anyone with back pain. Dr. Pauza also has a very competent and attentive staff. I have personally dealt with all of his staff and each of them have always treated me with the utmost respect and always keep in touch with me when necessary. If you are considering seeing a Spine Specialist. I highly recommend Dr. Pauza and his staff.



I had suffered from low back pain with radiation to either my left or right leg for 20 years. Initially, my flare ups were fairly well managed with epidural steroid injections lasting a year or more. As time wore on, the relief from the epidural streroids became shortened & eventually the degree of relief was diminished. My friend & longstanding pain doctor referred me to Dr Pauza. It was obvious to both of us that his injections were no longer beneficial & could create problems due to the increasing frequency I was receiving them. I located Dr Pauza’s website & completed a request for evaluation form & within 48 hrs Carrie, his coordinator for biologics, was in contact with me. She provided all the information I needed to send my MRI to Tyler for Dr Pauza to evaluate & determine if I were a candidate for his procedure. Within 36 hrs of receiving my MRI Dr Pauza called me to tell me I was a candidate. He thoroughly discussed the procedure & the manner that the discseal provided pain relief & also stimulated natural repair & healing of the diseased discs. As a medically disabled anesthesiologist I found all this incredibly interesting & profoundly logical. It was 7:00 pm when he called & we talked over 30 min. I was scheduled for my procedure & went to Tyler. I had been advised several times before & after arriving in Tyler that I should not expect benefit from the procedure for at least 2-3 mos & that I might have somewhat worsened pain or a new pain. As I was preparing to leave the outpatient surgery facility it seemed I did notice a soreness in my R lower back (all my symptoms had been on the L), but my original symptoms seemed barely perceptible already. The soreness in my R low back was gone in 5-6 days, the original pain was completely gone in 1-2 days. It’s been 6 wks now & my pain is still gone. I cannot describe the accommodating, caring nature of Dr Pauza & his entire team well enough, they made the entire process so easy. Dr Pauza is a very amicable man with his patients welfare as his first priority. He also has a passion for studying/researching the causes & treatment of spine diseases. As a physician he makes me proud to see a man who has taken up the profession & is practicing in the purest & most ethical manner. As a patient I thank God my friend gave me the name of Dr Kevin Pauza.



Dr Pauza is amazing and has changed my husband’s life with this procedure!!! We highly recommend him!



Miracle? Well, 11 years back I started with first back surgery and had 9 of them with fusions. In 2012, I started following Kevin on Sunday morning with Charles Osgood and then my surgeons told me that was all a farse and not proven. I listened rather than going with my gut feeling. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!! I was disabled on ice 14 hrs a day for years and then made my way to Dr Kevin.
When I left the hospital I was walking 17,000 steps the next day and average 8-10k since.
DO NOT TWIST OR LIFT AND U WILL BE FINE. I am actually looking for surgeons to take fusions out of my body like they did in 2016 from my L4 area. I am on a mission to stop people from getting fusions!! If you want to know the real truth just ask every neuro surgeon or orthopedic and ask them if they have a fusion…! GOOD LUCK! They know the real truth but will sell their soul to the devil before telling you the truth.



The best money I could’ve ever spent! I’m pretty well much pain free. My procedure was Oct 10,2017… Here it is Nov 14,2017… Thank you so much!



Although it’s too early to judge whether or not [my procedure] was successful, I can easily comment on the staff and facilities. The doctor’s office is clean and pristine for one. For a medical practice, how well the office is kept is usually correlated to good staff, management, and standard procedures, and in this regard my assumption was correct. Everyone from the lovely medical assistants to the nurses, from the managers to the doctor, himself, were kind, helpful, and optimistic (Also, every one of them will chat with you for days if you let them, which is always welcome).

When I was in the waiting room with my wife another patient asked me bluntly, “Back or neck?” I’m glad I responded to him, even though I was highly anxious and somewhat scared. He told me of his success with his neck and that he was back to get his lower back fixed, filled to the brim with optimism. Not a doubt in the man’s mind it would work wonders, just as it did for his back. It was amazing to meet someone just before my appointment who wasn’t a sceptic, knew the procedure, and could testify to its veracity.

Carrie and the doctor ran through everything with us at the office and again at the surgery center. The team at the surgery center was fantastic as well, and very warm to receive us. There, I was given an IV, given some anxiolytics and then down to the operating room. The doctor was jamming on some classic Johnny Cash and everyone was happy and excited to help me. Amazing, amazing people. After the procedure I was rolled into recovery and rejoined with my wife. I won’t lie: the pain for me was and is, hours later as I write this I’m my hotel bathroom, trying not to wake my beautiful wife) pretty severe, but that’s to be expected and I’m not concerned. The doctor gave me a handwritten note telling me how I did, which is something I’ve never seen, and I’m an RN, so I have plenty of experience with doctors. He also gives you a before and after photo of your treated discs. I’ll write again in a few months time to tell of my progress, but I’m excited I finally have started my journey into recovery.



I flew over from tropical Queensland, Australia to have the DISCSEEL treatment. I’m glad I did. I had sciatica and a little sciatic pain down both legs.  I was using walking poles to get around.  I had chronic pain in my lower back. Five discs were in total degeneration.  The medical profession in Australia did not have any solution for my condition.  I contacted Carrie, and I’m glad I did.  The sciatic pains went away within days of the treatment.  Lower back pain diminished from a 9/10 to a 2/10 within months.  I have osteoarthritis throughout my spine and hips which causes different pain for me. My family and I are very grateful to Dr. Pauza and his great team . Who would have thought this simple procedure could change the quality of life for people who suffer with high level pain continuously? This treatment will be available in Japan in the near future. Thanks again Dr. Pauza. I hope the DISCSEEL treatment will be available to back pain suffers throughout world.



I cannot say enough wonderful comments about Dr. Pauza and his staff. I have been a patient of Dr. Pauza’s for over ten years. I came to him at the age of 25 with horrible back pain and having a hard time getting through my workday as a teacher. Dr. Pauza has done many treatments for me and I consider the disc sealant a success. I still have back pain, but after the sealant, it is not unbearable. To have back pain at such a young age was a very depressing and discouraging outlook for the rest of my life. Dr Pauza and his staff have helped and given me relief and hope. I love his entire staff, they are very caring and friendly. Dr. Pauza is a blessing for East Texas! Thank you so much Dr. Pauza!



I have been waiting for almost 4 years to have Discseel preformed by Dr. Kevin Pauza due to the fact that my injury happened on the job. So dealing with Workman’s Comp was a nightmare. I went to Tyler, Texas last Wednesday to meet his team. Carrie Wright, Director of Biologics, has been so very helpful. I can’t thank her enough for her help and support From the minute I got to Texas. They all were there to help me! I would also like to thank Laura in the Surgical Center for getting me ready. She never gave up. Today, one week later, I am feeling wonderful. It is amazing to me. It’s almost a miracle! Thank you to Dr Pauza and team. Very grateful!



Dr. Pauza and Carrie gave my 18 year old daughter her life back! I can’t say enough good things about them. After a volleyball injury, my daughter had struggled for 4 years with chronic pain that even a spinal cord stimulator and narcotics could not control. Now after having the disceel procedure my daughter is off all meds and is back to enjoying her life. Dr. Pauza is the most kind and compassionate doctor I have ever come across. He truly cares, and Carrie is the perfect compliment to him. Don’t hesitate to see if Disceel is right for YOU!



Hello, I’m now 18 years old and I have two spine procedures done, 10 months apart. The best experience so far in my life is my mom finding Dr Pauza. My first surgery in Texas was my L2/L3/L4/L5/S1. That was done in stages of sports, L5S1 was from crossfit. The L2-L4 was getting speared in the back in Football. I was 15 at the time of the initial start of all this. I was a wrestler since I was 6. My life was geared towards being in the Olympics as a wrestler. I tried to go back but it was impossible. My back was too screwed up. I did physical therapy for 3 years total. My second surgery came 10 months later, back to Texas. My next surgery was my neck,I had my C34-C45-C56 done. At the time I only had two months left of my year from my back surgery. My neck and back are awesome. I am sucessful in my own business now as a Heavy Equipment operator. The surgerys were life changing for me. I tell everyone about it. I’m not going to tell you it was easy, a year down.. taking care of yourself, being careful at lifting and relearning life as I knew it. I keep myself in shape and eat well. The support you receive before, during and after is awesome. They are always there for you. No one can say that about doctors anymore, I can say it about Dr Pauza and his Disk Seal team. The people here changed my life. I am forever grateful to them.



I was at the end of my rope with no other options but 6 level Fusion or to try this procedure. I wish I knew about this many years ago. My life is changed I can be a normal person and have normal activities pain free. I no longer take pain medications and go to the hospital with bouts of back spasms it’s is almost as I’ve been liberated from a jail . I did exactly what the doctor told me and I would do it again. The result as I stated just about pain-free little aches and pains is normal but nothing like I had before no pain medication not seeing pain management doctor anymore I’m free to live my life and if I have any repercussions I will return to dr. Pausa for more treatment. I would recommend this to anybody to do this before you ever think about any type of fusion surgery. I cannot think him and his staff enough.



I wanted to pass along my gratitude to Dr Pauza and his staff and share a few insights for prospective patients considering PDS. Let me say on the front end, in my mind this is less of a testimonial and more of a PSA. Anyone with back pain should at least be aware of and consider this procedure. 2 years ago I was given a diagnosis by a highly regarded back specialist that I would require fusion at L5-S1 vertebrae. I had previously had a laminectomy/discectomy performed at that location stemming from an injury in 2012. Prior to that, I was very active, but pain had pretty much made it to where any activity was not enjoyable or in some cases even tolerable. My job requires that I pass a fitness test annually, so I was even becoming concerned about my future employment status. I had long since decided that I would reserve fusion as a last resort so I began researching options and discovered PDS. Dr Pauza and his staff are very friendly, down to earth, and informative. After I made the decision to try out the procedure, Carrie and I visited on the phone about all considerations and she even helped me identify some ways to reduce the cost of the procedure. After the procedure I required about 2 months to start really noticing a difference. As the inflammation from the procedure subsided I could tell that the nerve pain was less and I continued to improve over a 6 or 8 month window. While it is hard to quantify, I would say I am probably 75% improved from where I was 14 months ago. For me this means I can be active, able to play with my daughter, carry her to bed, pass my fitness test, recreate outdoors, go on a long car ride, etc. in short, life altering. I am eternally grateful that there are still innovative doctors out there who care about people and strive to improve quality of life for their patients. I can’t say it will work for everyone, but for me it was one of the best decisions I ever made.



Dr. Kevin Pauza’s disc procedure gave me my life back! I was never the same after a private plane crash.  All I can say is that I was living a very limited lifestyle.  Once a successful bodybuilder, I quit lifting weights.  In fact, I quit doing everything. I wouldn’t go out with friends because the idea of sitting in a car and the amount of back pain involved to go out was more than I could bear.  I’ve had 3 back surgeries and multiole back injections.  None of it helped. So several years ago I found Dr Kevin Pauza and went to Tyler Texas to undergo his procedure.  Thank God I did! Since then I’m back to doing almost all the things I wasn’t able to do before seeing him.  I thank him everyday for what he did for me, and if you think you need help, give him & his team a try.


I had the DISCSEEL procedure with Dr Pauza in September 2015. All five of my lower lumbar discs were sealed.  I’ve been surfing for nearly 40 years (I’m currently 50 yrs of age), and I’ve led a very active lifestyle. I was back to my active lifestyle and back to surfing about 6 months after my procedure! I’m able to surf everyday now, and I am doing very well. I am very thankful for Dr. Pauza and his staff for taking such good care of me and giving my active life back to me. I highly recommend this procedure if you’re suffering from pain and want to maintain your flexibility and avoid spine fusion.



I have used Dr Pauza on two different times and with total success. Another doctor suggested using him before he did back surgery. I have told serveral friends of my success.



After a year of excruciating pain, doctors poking, prodding, misdiagnosing and finally giving me only one option… surgery, which would guarantee a life of pain. I researched and found Dr. Pauza. It was an act of God! Dr. Pauza’s compassionate approach to help people live pain free without surgery saved my life. He and Carrie continue to care for me and I now consider them part of my family. I will forever be grateful for them coming into my life…



I am a 67 year old male that has experience back problems ever since a wayer skiing accident at 18 years of age , in 1968.

After 3 weeks of traction and a  myelogram, it was determined that I required back surgery at Methodist hospital in Lubbock, Texas. The surgery was performed by Dr. Shannon, Orthopedic Surgeon and Texas Tech Team doctor. My L5/S1 disc was in numerous pieces and was touching my sciatic nerve.

After the surgery it was months of wearing a brace and no activity. I was told that i should have a full recovery but that arthritis would eventually set in and cause back problems. Being a young, healthy male, I resumed water and snow skiing as well as several other forms of physical activity. My mindset was that I would notlet my back issues hinder my daily life. I lived that way for most of my life.

At about age 50 I realized that my back was hurting more often. I visited numerous chir0practors and did whatever I could to find back pain relief. Again I continued with a determination that my back was not going to limit my daily activities, even though my activities were limited due to age.

For a lot of my life I traveled by car or air for a living. At about 60 I realized that traveling was becoming harder and harder due to back pain. Sitting in a car, airport, or a plane was no longer fun. On the advice of my doctor, I visited an orthopedic specialist. At that time I lived in Omaha, NE. I had a laminectomy and had absolutely no pain relief. The doctor wanted to try a fusion, notice the word try a fusion??? I decided to pass due to his lack of assurance of pain relief.

After moving to TN for work, I visited another back doctor. He said he would not touch my back due to arthritis and numerous disc problems. His recommendation was to see his partner that specialized in hip replacement, as he thought having my hips replaced would eliminate a lot of my pain. After review it was determined that I would have my right hip replaced in January 2012 and then my left. As it turned out, the left is still all natural. The morning after the hip replacement, my pain level was 10 times worse than before!!! Even just laying in bed I hurt, I mean hurt like a pain level 7 to 9 constantly. After 6 weeks of recovery and no pain relief my hip doctor referred me to a noted spine specialist in Nashville.

After numerous tests, procedure, and 3 series of shots, my doctor called to inform me that there was nothing else he could do to eliminate my pain. His exact words still ring in my ears. “Son, your back looks like you have been rode hard and put up wet.” I said, “Surely you can fuse it or do something?” He was very empathetic that he would not touch my back under any circumstances due to the deteriorated condition and recommended that I find a good pain management program. I was devastated, to say the least, as I had to quit my job that I loved and learn to cope with the reality that life as I knew it was no more. At 62, that is hard to hear and even harder to realize that my life would be filled with pain for the rest of my days.

I was fortunate to find a great pain doctor. He worked with me throughout the terrible ordeal. He did a series of back shots, no help, tried numerous medications that only masked the pain. He also performed a nerve ablation on both the right and left sides on 3 different occasions with limited, but appreciated, pain relief. As one can imagine, my limited mobility and pain prevented me from leaving the house very often except for doctor’s visits.

In the Spring of 2016, Dr. Urban informed me that he had attended a seminar about a revolutionary new back procedure, the Discseel® Procedure. He thought I might be a great candidate. After reviewing Dr. Pauza’s website and reading all I could about the Discseel® Procedure and Dr. Pauza, I decided to fill out the patient evaluation form. Shortly after, I was contacted by Michelle Pena from Dr. Pauza’s office.

Everything changed from that moment onward. My wife and I decided there might just be hope after all. It still amazes me how easy and customer friendly the process is! All I had to do was get an MRI and send it Dr. Pauza for review. No being one to wait around, I worked with Michelle to get the MRI and Dr. Pauza’s review. I still remember Michelle calling to tell me that Dr. Pauza felt I was an excellent candidate, what great news. Having numerous questions, she arranged for Dr. Pauza to call me and we spent about 45 minutes on the phone discussing my back and his procedure. At this point I was impressed and excited. I did consult with my other doctors and found that most were, to say the last, skeptical, but the general feeling was that I had nothing to lose. At that point I was using an electric wheelchair to go across the street to visit neighbors. Life was not much fun!

After a lot of thought and prayer, my wife and I decided all we had to lose was the money. On June 23, 2016, Dr. Kevin Pauza performed the Discseel® Procedure on me at the Turtle Creek Hospital in Tyler, Texas. His initial review was that I needed 5 discs sealed, but the reality was that I only needed 4 discs. My wife measured me before and after the procedure and I had gained  1/2 and inch in height and my posture was vastly improved.

The next morning I started walking with a can for 10 minutes twice a day. It did not take long until I could walk for 20 minutes twice daily.  To go from hardly being able to walk from the bed to the bathroom and spending most of my days in bed to walking… what a blessing!!!

It has been about 9 months and today I am a new man. I mow my own grass, walk without a cane, and live a much fuller life. Being pain free is such a blessing… Thank you, Dr. Pauza!



If I could, I’d nominate Dr. Pauza for a Nobel Prize in Medicine. The procedure of fibrin sealant has been life saving. Certainly appreciate having my life back. 



I came to Dr. Pauza after having ankle surgery because my ankle was weak from my sciatic nerve having been pinched because my discs had collapsed due to degenerative disc disease. In fact I had shrunk 1 1/2 inches from the height I was in my twenties (about 35 years ago). My back was in such bad shape that it was common to spend a day or two in bed just by turning or bending a certain way. It hasn’t even been two months since Dr. Pauza performed the injections to restore my discs, but I have not thrown out my back since then. The first month there was lots of ice packs and taking it easy. Now, the only thing that keeps me from walking more is the ankle that had to have a metal plate put into. I am AMAZED with my back results. It feels so much better already. It is my firm belief that God lead me to Dr. Pauza,  because I had done more internet searches than I can count. Thought I feel an occasional twinge where my back was the worst; it is nothing compared to the agony in which I used to live. I mostly worked with Ms. Carrie Wright, and she was so helpful and kind, but everyone on your staff was exceptional. God bless Dr. Pauza and his work.  p.s. I have already gained almost a half inch in height. 



“I suffered with chronic back pain for 4 years. Being the physical person I am I continued with my normal high intensity workouts and pushed through the pain, continued with my martial arts, gymnastics and weight training until the pain was too much to bare. As a film a television actor who is adamant about performing all his own stunts and someone who is expected to because of the world class level of martial arts I bring to the table as an actor, I was in despair and knew I had to find a way to deal with or remedy my back problem before it got any worse. I sought out some top spine surgeons, the first one told me I had no other choice but spinal fusion, I was devastated, the other two surgeons told me I Could have an artificial disc or fusion or I could do nothing, and just use pain management procedures. I was seriously considering the artificial disc, but something inside me said DON’T! The next day my chiropractor sent me a video about DR Kevin Pauza. I watched the video, and I was AMAZED, I researched everything I could about the procedure. I then called DR Pauza in Texas. The receptionist I spoke to was absolutely lovely. That same day I was called by his assistant Carrie. I found Carrie to be one of the most genuinely caring, sweetest and helpful people I have ever met. We discussed my problem in great detail, we discussed my personal needs in relation to how important it was that I maintain my physical ability, she reassured me DR Pauza could help. Dr Pauza and Carrie then both got on a call with me. Dr Pauza, asked me about back and the problems, he explained his procedure to me in great length and at that moment I knew I had found the answer to my back problem. Dr Pauza is simply the future, I cannot express the level of expertise, genuine interest, sincere caring that he had for my situation. I sent my MRI to him in Texas, after he reviewed my MRI he called me back. Again we had an in depth discussion, and again cementing the fact that this was the Doctor for me. My family and I flew to Texas the next week, we were greeted at the airport by a car service and taken to our lovely hotel, which is all done with the help of Carrie. Carrie helped make the whole experience extremely easy and comfortable. We met DR Pauza and Carrie in person the next day and after speaking about the procedure again, I was filled with confidence and trust in DR Pauza and I thanked God, I had found him. From the moment the procedure began I had complete faith and trust in DR Pauza. From the beginning to after the procedure my whole experience was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I was walking around immediately after the procedure. By the second week I was back in the gym and my sciatic nerve pain had diminished, I was also able to lie on my stomach without pain which previous to the procedure I could not do without pain. By week three I was shadow boxing. My progress grew every week. Now I am 3 months out, I am back to running, I have increased flexibility, I am back to kicking and punching, back in the gym and I am beyond grateful that I found Dr Pauza. Sometimes in life you will find those rare individuals that can change your life. I personally feel Dr Pauza gave me back my health, enabled me to come back pain free, and better than ever, and enabled me not to choose major surgery and for that I am eternally grateful to DR Pauza and Carrie for everything they have done for me. And by taking care of me they have taken care of my whole family. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! Bren Foster




I was always active and have been a runner since I was a little kid. I had a lot of lower back issues but they never really took me away from running until 2008. I was pregnant with my second son and ‘threw my back out’ while picking up a pillow off the floor. It was incredibly painful but I didn’t take pain medication because I was worried about the baby. The pain subsided after a few months and I gave birth. Afterwards, the pain would come and go and I would have to rest and be inactive until it diminished.

In 2012, the pain came back in full force after a non-stop flight t from Paris. I went quickly to a physician in town who routinely provided epidural cortisone injections which I had been receiving a few times a year. My disc had ruptured and without knowing it, due to the fact that he did not perform any testing, he injected and punctured my dural space leaving a residual leak. This led to spinal headaches and other complications. I visited a spine surgeon, who was horrified to see my state of affairs on the MRI images. He asked me to watch a video in his office and this was the first time I heard the name Dr. Kevin Pauza and the Pauza Disc Treatment. I was transfixed! Unfortunately, Dr. Pauza was not accepting any new patients at that time so I decided to go with adiskectomy because of the severe pain I was experiencing I had to had relief. Several times since my procedure, I would have debilitating pain and be laid up for weeks and months. 

We arrived in Tyler Texas and everything from that point was completely taken care of by Dr. Pauza’s team members. They were a delight to work with and I can’t say enough about them. Dr. Pauza’s ability to transform his vast all-encompassing amount of knowledge on the subject into terms that are frank and completely understandable was incredible. Literally incredible!! The procedure was a complete success. It has been 2 months and I am currently undergoing physical therapy to build strength.

My discs have been regenerated and I now have my future back. I am expected to be able to run again in a few months and I am forever grateful for Dr. Pauza’s procedure for saving my life. If you are considering this treatment, I HIGHLY recommend doing it.


Thank you Dr. Pauza for keeping the hardware out of my spine and letting me live an active life. I climbed Mount Baker yesterday which I never would have been able to do without your cutting edge PDT treatment that I received just 2 months ago


I made a three hour drive to see him because he was highly recommended. He had great bedside manner. He was very knowledgeable and had a lot of info to absorb (take notes). Liz had me fill out my paperwork prior to the appointment (mailed packet to me), and the wait time in the waiting room was about 15 minutes while the wait time in the exam room was only about 10 minutes. He spent about 20 or so minutes with me going over my situation & resolutions. Afterwards, I spoke with my insurance lady, Wanda, to discuss my fees (this was my choice to meet with her). I am extremely pleased with my visit with Dr. Pauza.


Dr. Pauza performed my procedure in June 2013. The evaluation process was rigorous and well worth the wait. After many years of suffering, the fibrin sealant provided welcome relief from the pain and inflammation associated with degenerative disc disease. Aside from mesenchymal stem cells becoming advanced enough to be useful in spinal areas, I believe that PDT will be the future for treating issues relating to DDD. Thank you Kevin, for the opportunity to be treated as I’m extremely pleased with the results. 



To everyone like me that is always doing their homework in reaserching and looking for a NEW procedure for your back. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR AND YOU WILL TOO . DR. PAUZA IS GOD SENT. His bedside manners are amazing, he is so attentive to your questions, and concerns, he is a down to earth person, my husband and I love this Doctor and Carrie Wright these two people are amazing. I have never found a Dr. like Dr. Pauza in my life and Iam glad that thru my prayers and research God sent me to him. I had the fibrant sealent done and I am glad i did. I know it has only been a week today, but I feel myself getting better day by day and it will be a process. But do follow Dr. Pauza orders to getting better. With God’s help I will keep you’ll posted of how I am doing. And in case you may think I was paid to say this well I have news for YOU’LL I wasn’t paid it comes from my heart .My husband and I can’t Thank you enough Dr. Pauza and Carrie God Bless you both.


I have been on the upswing for 2 weeks and 2 days now.  I have taken no pain meds, have had no spine associated pain, and I am amazed at the fact that I never realized how depressed I was dealing with constant pain for over 12 years.  Being without pain for more than two weeks, I have been so up. Speaking of up, it has also been more than two weeks since I have had to climb the stairs on all fours. I am doing as you all have instructed, which is hard when all of a sudden you feel so good.  Linda and friends along with cousins and grandkids are filling in on all the chores and work I am not doing.  I so believed in Dr. Pauza and his methods before, and now it so much better than I imagined.  I have so much respect for him as well as all of the other staff who has treated me.  Everyone was great. Like you, I would love to be on his staff.

The Friday following the procedure, I sat on a bench at a jumpjam (wall-to-wall trampolines), watching 7 of our 8 Grandkids play.  On Saturday, I took 2 of the boys to a nearby lake, where sitting on the edge of the pier, I watched them catch 14 small mouth bass.  They carried all the gear and baited their own hooks while the older of the 2 took the fish off. All days have not been as exciting as those 2 days, but have most enjoyably been pain free.


My wife and I were lucky enough to be able to have Dr. Kevin Pauza treat her spine. As a physiatrist myself, I pulled her away from a three level fusion which was going to be performed by an extraordinarily reputable surgeon in our community.I just couldn’t let her go through with it. Fortunately for us, my sister saw Dr. Pauza on the Sunday morning show on CBS. My wife and I watched it and we were immediately convinced that an evaluation by Dr. Pauza was essential. My wife underwent a four level biological disc replacement procedure more than two years ago. It couldn’t have gone better. She has been pain free since recovering from the procedure. It’s almost miraculous. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. This treatment is revolutionary and should supplant lumbar fusion and many other spinal surgeries once it is given the recognition worldwide that it deserves. I even think that Dr. Pauza should be considered for a Nobel prize given the magnitude of his discovery and the incredible results that he has produced. If selected as an appropriate candidate, anyone with any hesitation should confidently and immediately proceed with this procedure. I recommend Dr. Pauza and his center enthusiastically.


I had Dr. Pauza’s (PDT) injected into two discs one of which had absolutely NO disc tissue. It was vertebrae on vertebrae almost a year ago. I had seen other doctors in the past that wanted to do a double fusion at 34 years old (which if anyone knows about fusion they typically fail and or break down adjacent tissue requiring the doctor to fuse again). A 3rd level fusion is almost a death threat. I was so blessed to find Dr. Pauza and have his PDT. It’s almost been a year and I’m off all pain medications that I was having to use and have been relieved of horrific pain for years! He regrew disc tissue which was NOT there before he treated me! This procedure gave me a second chance at life. I had been suffering from lower back pain for 10 years! This is a miracle procedure and I’m even taller! God Bless Dr. Pauza, he is the most humble person, and truly cares and gives each of his patients all access to him and his staff members day or night. I’m thrilled and so thankful that I finally got my life back! I can’t thank Dr. Pauza enough! God Bless you Dr. Pauza! Thank you!!


I have had back problems for 20 years. I have done everything everonle else has surgery, cortisone shots, acupuncture and chiropractor. Crazy that an outpatient 15 min procedure has fixed my back. It has been over two years and I my only regret is that I did not do it sooner! 



I just had Dr. Pauza perform his treatment on three of my lower discs about three weeks ago. Ten years of 24-7 back pain disappeared instantly. I am still early in the recovery phase and have very minimal muscle soreness, but have no nerve pain. I’m about an inch taller too. I keep my before and after x-rays with me in the truck to show people the differences in my discs and people can’t believe the change. The staff and the facility in Tyler, TX are top notch. I was very impressed. I’m a pretty skeptical guy from NJ and did my research before committing to having the procedure performed. Bottom line, best decision I ever made. I will keep you all posted on my progress. Off to the gym now. Thanks Kevin!


Today is my fibrin sealant (on 5 disc) one year anniversary! Yes, I would do it again! This procedure is a miracle and I will never be able to thank Dr. Pauza and his staff enough.


Imagine that over a ten year period, you could go from being outgoing, biking from 30 up to 90 miles a day, walking 10 miles every weekend, to a point where just standing for more than 30 minutes brought on lower back pain and stinging feet which required ice packs and drugs just to get to sleep at night. That was what happened to me. Thank God for someone seeing Dr. Pauza on Good Morning America. That person told my sister-in-law, who was in worse shape than I was. For me, she was the test. If it worked for her maybe it would work for me. So she did it and one year later she was in Utah skiing! But that is her story. So four weeks ago today (3/10/15), I had the procedure done. For the past ten years all I wanted was to have my feet stop stinging all night long, if I could only get that. Well the day after the procedure I got my wish plus a lot more. I am now up to a four mile walk, standing without fear, and looking forward to a life with much less pain along with my retirement in five to six years with my wife which will be fun and most of all without a cane! I would recommend anyone to at least look into the procedure. Thank you Dr. Pauza!


I had a discogram done. In addition to the normal discogram, I had a FAD (Functional Anesthetic Discogram) done to determine that L3/4 was my problem. I got my Fibrin sealant done on the 18th of February so I am now going on 4 weeks. Fibrin is a sealant that is injected into a torn disc, and it seals or glues it back together and raises the disc height back up to normal. I have not needed any pain medicine for the last 3 weeks and that’s really good.


I would recommend Dr. Pauza to LBP sufferers; he is an amazing and caring MD.


I was more than pleased with my visit with Dr. Kevin Pauza and his amazing staff. I have never felt so comfortable and taken care of at a doctors office. They are truly the A-Team. Leaving the office, I felt educated on my condition and hopeful for great results. He is the best!


Dr. Pauza and his staff are good at what they do. The doctor is always nice and gives hope that their cryonic pain can be eased. I would recommend him to anybody!


A friend of ours recommended Dr. Pauza to my husband. He began seeing him in March and had a series of three injections in his back beginning in March and ending in May 2009. He was very polite and helpful. My husband had very good results from his injections and we would very highly recommend Dr. Pauza.


Dr. Pauza is among the best in the USA. When I was there, I met patients in his waiting room from other countries. He will help those who truly want help. God placed him here to heal, and he helps his patients more than any other doctor. Dr. Pauza has been considered for a Noble Prize. He is a genius.


Dr. Pauza is actually the best spine doctor I have been to in the entire country. I have had 22 doctors along with multiple surgeries. He was smart, courteous, timely, and has helped my back as none of the prior 22 doctors could. I highly recommend him. The new bio sealant he invented worked perfectly. He had excellent research support to walk me through the entire process. I would give him a 100 stars if I could and so would many of the other people he has helped over the years. Research for yourself and ask friends. You would be lucky to find a doctor who cares enough for his patients to run a practice and take the time to bother with research. I investigated Dr. Pauza and his academic awards. This guy is top notch. The best by far.


Dr. Pauza has been my doctor for many years and I have had many procedures. He has always been great. He even called me at home to check on me after procedures along with giving me his cell phone number after one procedure. I am awaiting FDA approval on another treatment that I hope and pray will work, but if it doesn’t I know that Dr. Pauza will continue to do the best he can to help me.


He is the best spine specialist in the world. He researches along with successfully treating those that other doctors couldn’t help. He treats the Royal Family and is honestly fabulous. Those who say anything negative are only upset because he helps them return to work without medications. Dr. Pauza is great.


Dr. Pauza was great!!! He took the time to talk to me and make sure I understood my problem and treatment options. I would recommend him to anyone who wants the best pain doctor in East Texas.


Kind, nurturing, and empathetic are three words that come to mind when describing Dr. Pauza and his team. Not exactly punctual for the first consultation, but I’ve yet to meet a doctor who is. Certainly Dr. Pauza is worth the wait. All procedures WERE on time and the staff was courteous. One male nurse sticks out in my memory not only for his exceptional skills, but for his understanding nature and thoughtfulness about feeling exposed in those awful hospital gowns. I highly recommend Dr. Pauza and his team and will be returning shortly to get back in competition form. Dr. Pauza is very gracious.


Kevin Pauza is the best. He is polite, caring, and intelligent. He cured my pain after I suffered for over 7 years which is why everyone I talk to agrees about him. I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Kevin Pauza.


Dr. Pauza is the most understanding, kind, and gentle man. I can only see great things from this incredible doctor. If you have back pain you must see him.


At first I was skeptical, being referred from Harvard to Dr. Kevin Pauza in Tyler, Texas. Others in his lobby were from everywhere. Now I know why. Dr. Pauza was sharp. Pauza identified the source of my pain and successfully treated me. I’m pain free finally after 12 years. Dr. Pauza is very polite and serious. He spent time with myself and my family and magaged to get me off of my pain meds. Pauza is the best.


Kevin Pauza is a genius along with being nice and caring. His patients travel from throughout the world to see him, and it is easy to understand why. I am from Boston and was referred to Pauza from Mayo clinic because they said only Pauza could help my problem, and he did. However, I would have preferred that he didn’t wear scrubs, but I can overlook that. I wish he wasn’t located in Tyler, Texas, but his hospital is ranked high.


Kevin Pauza is the best spine physician in the world. The upset patients are likely only upset because he encouraged them to work and he decreased their narcotics. I can tell you that seven doctors tried to help me before Pauza. His invention of a disc biologic has me back to running marathons and 10K races. Before Pauza, I had to use crutches. Pauza is like a God when it comes to spine. The wait is worth it. If there is no wait, then your doctor is not as good as Pauza. Other spine doctors for good reasons have ranked Pauza number one in Texas. Pauza saved my life. That is why Pauza sees Princes and Kings. Only Pauza could fix me. Thank you God, for Dr. Pauza


I think enough of Dr. Pauza to recommend him to anyone who has back pain. I noticed in some of the ratings where he fell short were not due to his expertise or treatment, but how busy he is and because he tries to treat every patient who needs him while still doing research to come up with more and better ways of treating back and joint pains. The bottom line, you may have to wait for him, he may be a little short with you, but never unpleasant and if you can overlook that, you will be rewarded with the pain relief no one else could give you. It’s worth it. I know from personal experience that he’s the only doctor I know of who can really “cure” pain.


Kevin Pauza is on the forefront of intradiscal therapies that will hopefully be the future of treatments for those of us who catch the problems before they turn into huge structural problems.


Kevin Pauza was my final hope. I’ve been to Mayo, Harvard, and elsewhere and none have helped me. Kevin Pauza made an exact diagnosis and treated me on one occasion. I am still free of pain because of the disc biological Kevin Pauza invented and treated me with. Why could no one else help me like Pauza?


I never thought I would get out of bed again and it seems like a miracle to be working. I work for a bunch of great spine doctors. I would certainly try the Fibrin. You don’t burn any bridges with it and I do know of people that have gotten relief from it even when their discs were less than 1/3. Some bone on bone almost. The doctors I work for know Dr. Pauza and have talked to me a lot about it. I have shown some of them my films and they were amazed. I don’t get on here too much anymore because I work a lot but if I can answer any questions I would be more than happy too. I will try to set this up so I get notified if anyone writes. Best wishes and God bless.


Dr. Pauza and Carrie gave my 18 year old daughter her life back! I can’t say enough good things about them. After a volleyball injury, my daughter had struggled for 4 years with chronic pain even a spinal cord stimulator and narcotics could not control. Now after having the disceel procedure my daughter is off all meds and is back to enjoying her life. Dr. Pauza is the most kind and compassionate Dr. I have ever come across. He truly cares and Carrie is the perfect compliment to him. Don’t hesitate to see if Disceel is right for YOU!



I highly recommend the DiscSeel procedure to anyone wanting to end years of misery. It is truly worth it. I can now look forward to living a full and abundant life without crippling pain!


My procedure was smooth sailing! Everyone was so nice and took a lot of time talking and explaining the process and after care. I love having an alternative to surgery. Thanks, Discseel!!!


After ample research and 10 years of agonizing and immobilizing pain, my mom and I discovered this procedure. I am 2 weeks post-procedure and already can say this changed my life completely. I am a nursing student with high aspirations for my career and I now can say with full confidence, this procedure has enabled me to pursue my wildest dreams. I am SO grateful for Discseel and their team and cannot recommend this procedure enough. I am so incredibly grateful and hopeful for a bright future ahead all thanks to Discseel!


I am 1 month after the Discseel Procedure. Today, I worked while on my feet for 8 or 9 hours straight, and other than a little tightness, I had NO lower back pain! First time ever in 15 years! I had discs T-12 through S-1 done in the procedure. In the past, I would have shooting pains in my low back and butt after about 5 or 6 hours, sometimes feeling like my low back was going to give out and quit supporting me. Today, nothing!

I attribute the tightness to the fact that I’m older (58) and I believe that pretty much anybody would have muscle tightness after standing for that long. I would like to thank the Discseel staff for their immediate care and responses to every question I had about this process. They are consummate professionals! Money very well spent! So worth it!

- C.B.


The Discseel staff provided wonderful care, communicated very effectively, and had incredible attention to detail. I felt very at-ease throughout and had no discomfort at all after the procedure. At five weeks past the procedure, my neck feels and sounds significanly better. I am encouraged and glad I made the choice to have the DiscSeel procedure.


I had 4 of my vertebral discs treated with the Discseel Procedure. My expectation was to relieve my serious sciatica and upper leg pain and my sciatica and upper leg pain is almost completely gone. After 18 months of no relief I am finally able to start enjoying the things that I like to do. The surgeons that hurt me in the first place wanted me to have another surgery with rods placed in my back. Discseel was the wise alternative.


My Discseel procedure went off without a hitch. Super staff of nurses and care team. I’m feeling stronger already only 3 weeks post procedure!! 100% recommend!


The Discseel staff go above and beyond for their patients. They are fully vested and care. They want to see you heal and improve your quality of life. Remarkable treatment and team. I’m glad I did not opt for surgery and took this route.

- M. M.

Excellent. I recommend this procedure for anyone who is dealing with herniated or bulging disc. IT WORKS!


The Discseel staff are the most friendly, compassionate group. I’m so thankful I found out about his Disceel, my saving grace to not end up having a lumbar spinal fusion. Highly recommend for anyone with disc issues!!


After almost 20 years of back pain I am living a normal life again and able to enjoy going out with friends and family. I can play with my grandchildren and enjoy teaching water aerobics. Last year my back took another turn for the worst and I had to stop teaching and could barely get through the day even with medication. I could no longer play with my grandchildren or even pick them up. I did not know what to do and went to two different doctors who both stated surgery was not an option for me. They both suggested pain management. I had done this in the past with no relief and it only masked the pain for a short period of time. I did not know where to turn. Thanks to my daughter in law and some research we found Discseel. The Discseel procedure has been a God send. I am just over 60 days post procedure and getting better daily. No back pain and my body is adjusting. I am back to teaching water aerobics. The Discseel staff were great. I was able to return to work the Monday following my procedure. I have taken a slow return to teaching water aerobics but have been able to do my job as the aquatics director and managing the facility.


I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is a candidate and looking for an alternative to a fusion! While I’m still healing, I’m so thankful that I found the Discseel staff. They gave me my sanity back! I can’t thank them enough!


Discseel gave me my life back.


The Discseel staff get a 10 ++ from me and I will recommend this to anyone who will listen and who potentially can be helped by the Discseel procedure.


Everything went as smoothly as possible. I had the Discseel procedure, and it is now 3 weeks later, and yesterday was the first day that I didn’t need any pain pills in over 3 months. The fact is, I was hurting so bad before that I was doubling up on every pain pill they gave me and still couldn’t get any relief. I know I still have some healing to do, but the night before last was the first time Ive gotten a full night’s sleep in over 3 months and already, if nothing else, it was well worth the money. I’m usually not a wimp when it comes to pain, but I honestly could not do that for the rest of life. I feel like my life for all intents and purposes was saved through the Discseel Procedure. Highly recommend.


Everything was perfect. The staff were so friendly and the staff in recovery were awesome. My whole experience was perfect. I traveled from Michigan to Florida for my procedure and it was well worth it.


Everything was perfect. The staff were so friendly and the staff in recovery were awesome. My whole experience was perfect. I traveled from Michigan to Florida for my procedure and it was well worth it.


Everything was perfect. The staff were so friendly and the staff in recovery were awesome. My whole experience was perfect. I traveled from Michigan to Florida for my procedure and it was well worth it.



The procedure was fast and painless. I was pleasantly surprised to only have mild discomfort post op and was able to fly next day. I am only one month post procedure waiting for full recovery but able to go about my daily activities without issue. This certainly beats all other options!


I had a level fused in my neck years ago. Since then I’ve been looking for alternative treatments as the levels below the fusion went bad and the doctors wanted to go in and fuse the whole mess! I really thought that it was over for me. After the Discseel procedure I was so impressed, that six weeks after my procedure I took my wife down and had her back and neck taken care of. The results are the same. She’s eight days out and already seeing improvements. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is a candidate and looking for an alternative to a fusion!

- G. P.

Dr. Pauza sits with his patients and discusses the procedure and why the Discseel Procedure works as opposed the traditional surgical method of cages and screws. He put both my husband and I at ease and patiently answered all our questions plus gave us the background on how he came to discover the Discseel Procedure.

Discseel to me is the only procedure anyone should have done if possible. It only makes sense while the alternative of screws and rods in your back seems so barbaric and doesn’t even compare. I sit for my job and hourly I walk for at least 500 steps. I have all cheers and gratitude for Discseel. 5 stars are not enough!


This procedure is life changing. I am planning on going para-gliding in the Swiss Alps in a couple of months (weather permitting) after fully recovering from this procedure.

- KIM K.

This procedure was the best choice I ever made. The Discseel procedure has cured any back issues I had and saved me from having major surgery.

- ART H.

Life changing procedure for me. 8 years and still feeling great!

- JON A.

Discseel has given me a chance to enjoy my grandkids, travel and soon, retirement. I can walk a little more each week with out pain and without my legs going numb. It’s been a lot of years since I could do that.


Discseel has given me a chance to enjoy my grandkids, travel and soon, retirement. I can walk a little more each week with out pain and without my legs going numb. It’s been a lot of years since I could do that.


After 2 weeks all is good. Working in the yard and playing golf.


Very professional! I was treated well and was informed in detail how the procedure worked.

- JIM H.

Dr Pauza is kind, caring and a magician. He has given me back my life!


Discseel has given me a chance to enjoy my grandkids, travel and soon, retirement. I can walk a little more each week with out pain and without my legs going numb. It’s been a lot of years since I could do that.


Couldn’t have asked for a better team to care for me. Communication was clear and prompt before, during and after the procedure. These people are truly doing work they love and care about all they come in contact with. They are earth angels in my book!


All I can say is DON’T WAIT until you have a few empty disc spaces like I did. His procedure is Miraculous! Completely Grateful.


2 years later & still pain-free The Discseel Procedure was truly my miracle!!

- S.P.

From the Doctor to the staff they are very professional and thorough. Dr. Pauza explains the procedure and what to expect. He answers any questions you might have and puts you at ease. I personally have had the procedure twice and it has changed my life for the better. I use to wear a back brace due to ruptured lower discs. After the Discseel® Procedure, within three months I was no longer wearing a back brace. I also had ruptured discs in my neck making sleeping difficult. Again after the procedure I have less neck pain and am sleeping better. If you want your life back I highly recommend Dr. Pauza for his professionalism and skill and the Discseel® Procedure.

- D.K.

I have zero nerve pain in my leg, my lower back feels pretty good and I’m able to sleep through the night. I can tell this procedure was my ticket back to life. Thank you so much for thinking outside of the box and making this procedure available to people. Words cannot express!”


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

You did my Discseel procedure 2 weeks ago today. I am doing so good that words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have. When taking meloxicam I have absolutely zero pain. It is absolutely incredible. I have been this good since day 2 post procedure. The hardest part for me is behaving myself since I feel so dam good!


Discseel has given me a chance to enjoy my grandkids, travel and soon, retirement. I can walk a little more each week with out pain and without my legs going numb. It’s been a lot of years since I could do that.


Discseel has given me a chance to enjoy my grandkids, travel and soon, retirement. I can walk a little more each week with out pain and without my legs going numb. It’s been a lot of years since I could do that.


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