degenerative disc disease


Dr. Pauza would like patients to recognize that degenerative disc disease isn’t actually a disease. It’s simply a name given to discs that have degenerated over time from normal wear and tear. Most discs become degenerated from activities that have torn the discs, causing them to leak over time,  eventually becoming dark and flat.

The Discseel® Procedure is the only treatment that can heal and seal annular tears, which is why it is the only cure for this debilitating condition.


After we leave our teenage years, everyone develops annular tears leading to degenerative discs. These may or may not cause pain. Annular tears typically occur from the repetitive movements of flexion and rotation over time, or from trauma. Torn discs leak over time and become dark and desiccated, thus leading to this condition. 


Before you can get treated for degenerative disc disease, you must first be diagnosed. If you are coming here with a diagnosis, you are one step ahead! Dr. Pauza simply wants you to be informed of the safest practice. A diagnosis can be obtained from your doctor with a medical history, a physical exam, and some sort of imaging test, which is usually an MRI.


All conservative treatments for degenerative disc disease consist of some measure of exercise or physical therapy in order to increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles around the spine.

Why the Discseel® Procedure is Best

The Discseel® Procedure is far less invasive, has a much shorter recovery time, and allows patients a greater range of motion than surgical treatments. The Discseel® Procedure prompts the patient’s body to heal itself without the use of metal hardware and doesn’t have the risk of long term complications and opioid dependency like a spinal fusion.

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