The Discseel® procedure is an outpatient procedure, and patients are usually walking within the first 24 hours. Discseel® patients may experience mild, temporary discomfort during recovery. This is normal and expected. Beginning the day of your procedure, your discs will begin healing and continue to do so over the next 12 months.


Beginning on day two of your recovery, if you had the Discseel® procedure in the lumbar/cervical area, we’d like you to begin walking around your home while avoiding bending and twisting (only in the lumbar region). There are no driving restrictions unless the patient is taking prescription pain medication. We would like you to begin a daily regime of walking after the first couple of days following the procedure and gradually build up time/distance over the next few months as you feel better. You will receive in-depth post-op instructions on the day of your procedure. 


“After I treated thousands of patients in the United States and overseas, I’ve been fortunate to have no patient complications. Nobody has been made worse, and that can’t be said about spinal surgery.”  – Dr. Pauza

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