“When a patient with cervical or low back pain visits me, I first ask them if their pain interferes with their activities. If it doesn’t, I encourage them by saying: ‘It’s okay to do nothing, because back pain often goes up and down, but won’t necessarily worsen.’  When neck pain or low back pain interferes with your sleep or activities, then it’s time to do something. It’s time for me to identify the source of your pain and treat it.” – Dr. Pauza


During your consultation, Dr. Pauza considers everything: your symptoms, tests, procedures, and lifetime goals. Dr. Pauza recognizes other doctors may have caused you to go around and around without logical answers. Many spine specialists don’t yet acknowledge pain caused by leakage of a disc’s nucleus pulposis, caused by annular disc tears. Dr. Pauza will identify the source of your symptoms and offer simple solutions, unavailable elsewhere.   



Dr. Pauza gives all of his patients his personal cell phone number. Therefore, as his patient, you may call him 24/7, something unheard of among most specialists. 

Pauza's Thoughts

Recent studies reveal that spinal fusions likely injure adjacent discs.  It’s been shown that discectomies weaken discs, leading to disc degeneration. Therefore, surgical societies recommend not fusing spines to treat back pain. Instead, fusions are only for instability, such as that caused by cancer or trauma. Fusions are 1911 technology, essentially unchanged since Ford’s Model T. It’s my thought that you deserve better.

After helping hundreds of patients who failed to experience relief after spine surgery, it became evident to me that current methods needed to change. This motivated me to seek better ways to help patients, by thinking outside the box.

Discseel® is the only FDA approved biologic, actually proven to regrow and heal spine tissue, such as the outer covering, called Dura. With Discseel®, spine treatment finally reaches the 21st Century.

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