A herniated disc only occurs following annular tears that allow herniation to occur. Some incorrect but commonly used terms to refer to this condition include disc protrusion, prolapse, slipped disc, or pinched nerves.

Many spine surgeons mistakenly believe pressure from the disc herniation itself is the cause of symptoms like sciatica. However, Dr. Pauza would like to make patients aware that scientific studies have proven that a person’s symptoms are typically caused by inflammation as a result of the disc leaking onto surrounding spinal nerves and not necessarily from pressure on the nerve itself. 

This may be why relief from discectomies is not long lasting, and discectomies actually weaken the disc, while the Discseel® Procedure strengthens the disc by healing its tears.  

Many herniated discs do not cause symptoms, but instead are incidental findings observed on the MRI. This is why the MRI appearance of  herniated discs is usually coincidental, and doesn’t necessarily reflect whether that specific disc is causing a person’s symptoms. 


Dr. Pauza’s Discseel®Procedure is the only treatment for herniated discs that uses Fibrin, an FDA-approved substance, off-label to repair annular tears in the disc, preventing continued leaking of the torn disc’s inner gel. This biologic restores the spinal disc by instigating regrowth of torn tissue, thus eliminating back and sciatic pain. No other treatment has been proven to regrow disc tissue.

The Discseel® Procedure also does not require anesthesia and does not have the risk of infection associated with surgical procedures.

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