“If you’ve had pain for years, so long that you almost forget what it’s like to live an enjoyable life without symptoms, then reach out to us, that’s what we do.  My focus is on learning the source of your symptoms and treating you, so that you can get back to the life that you once enjoyed.”


During your consultation, Dr. Pauza considers everything: your symptoms, past treatments, treatment options, and lifetime goals. Dr. Pauza recognizes others may have caused you to go through a “mill”, passed around and around without logical answers, or being told there is nothing left they can do for you so surgery is your only option. Or perhaps you are one who had prior spine surgery and you are not any better, or you are in more pain today following spine surgery.  Many spine specialists don’t yet acknowledge pain is often caused by the chemical inflammation of spinal nerves due to the leakage of a disc’s nucleus pulposus, caused by annular disc tears. Most are still focused on the idea that pain and symptoms are caused by a mechanical issue with the disc.  Dr. Pauza believes it’s time to broaden the horizon and recognize how the body sees the nucleus pulposus (the center gel-like substance of the disc) as a foreign object when it leaks through tears, thus causing pain and inflammation of the nerves. He believes many unnecessary spine surgeries are being performed because historically most surgeons are taught to think the patient’s symptoms are due to a mechanical issue when an MRI shows a herniation/bulge. While patients may have disc herniations, it’s well known that images do not always correlate with pain and symptoms. One does not have to look too far to learn the poor outcomes of spine surgery. If a large number of spine surgeries do not help patients get better, common sense dictates something else is going on beyond a mechanical issue. Dr. Pauza strongly believes most often there is a chemical issue going on; leaking discs inflaming the nerves causing pain and symptoms ranging from low back pain to sciatic pain (pain radiating from the buttock/hip region traveling down the leg and sometimes into the feet/toes). During your consultation, Dr. Pauza will identify the source of your symptoms and offer simple solutions, unavailable elsewhere.   


Dr. Pauza and his staff give all of his patients their personal cell phone number. Therefore, as his patient, you may call him and his staff 24/7, something unheard of among most specialists. 

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