Discseel Treatment

Why Discseel Works?

“ A wise surgeon said: 'spine fusions remain unchanged since their inception in 1911.' This was before Ford's Model T, and is why patients beg for improvement."  Dr. Pauza
Discseel Treatment is a procedure in which Dr. Pauza uses a naturally occurring substance called fibrin that comes from the human body. He then introduces this substance into damaged discs in your lumbar and/or cervical spine. It seals the disc, becoming a part of the disc, and then causes normal disc tissue to grow.  The goal during the Discseel process is to look for torn discs as evidenced through live x-rays obtained during the annulogram and seal the torn discs with fibrin during the Discseel procedure.

Before today, the only options for bulged and degenerated discs were surgery, narcotics, or living with pain, which is why Dr. Pauza developed the Discseel treatment after caring for hundreds of patients who were made worse following their spine surgery. No patient has ever been made worse following the use of fibrin utilized in Discseel when treated in their cervical spine and/or lumbar spine.

A spine surgeon once commented: "One hundred years from now, they'll be shocked that patients allowed metal rods, plates, or cages to be implanted into their bodies." The fibrin used in Discseel will likely replace expensive, unsuccessful fusions. One can see into the future by observing the past. For example, in the past, painful hip joints were fused to the pelvis using metal plates. This analogy parallels the spine fusions of  today. 


The Two Phases of Discseel


Phase 1 - The disc is sealed, on its way to recovery.

During the first phase of Discseel, the disc seals, with the goal of instigating regrowth of the disc tissue.  


Phase 2 - During the next year, the disc continues regenerating into a healthy disc

During the second phase of Discseel, the disc heals. This occurs because the biologic injected into the disc, sends a signal to the body telling the body what it needs to heal (scientists call this "chemotaxis"). The discs begin to heal because collagen, which makes up a disc, is "called" into to the disc. Tears evident before Discseel, seal with fibrin after treatment. More importantly, during the next year the disc continues to heal, thus allowing the person to avoid surgery.




Pauza Discseel is a procedure in which Dr. Pauza takes naturally occurring biologics from the body; designed to heal cuts, tears and lesions, and introduces them into damaged spinal discs. The biologic stays in your disc, it becomes a part of the disc, and then it gets replaced by regenerated normal disc tissue. The biologic treatment repairs damaged discs, returning them to a healthy state, allowing your body to heal itself over the next 12 months. 

The FDA told us, “One of our indications could be an elective procedure for a person who wants to be taller.” Pauza Discseel makes everybody taller. We can’t get around that, that’s not our goal, and some people don’t like it because their clothes don’t fit like they fit before. As your disc gains it’s natural height back, so do you.

Ice will usually be more helpful than heat in the first few days. Take your regular pain medicine and any other prescription medicine, as prescribed.

Although exceedingly rare, if you develop fever or chills with increased spine pain, contact our office or go to the hospital Emergency Room.

The government is now using it to study battlefield wounds, wounds that can’t be sutured because of explosions. They’re making it so that the biologic can be sprayed or smeared on the human body and then cause the damaged tissue to re-grow. The Biologic used in Pauza Discseel is FDA approved to seal the spinal cord and brain dura (covering). All other uses are FDA off-label uses that are commonly empoyed in the medical field. 

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