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Born in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania in 1974, Amy Barrett spent her first 3 years of life living above a funeral home while her father completed his training as a funeral director and her mother finished Nursing School. After this, she and her family moved to Meadville, Pennsylvania, where her parents purchased their first funeral home and she spent the rest of her childhood and adolescence, graduating from Meadville Area Senior High in 1992. 

After high school, Amy Barrett moved to Marietta, Ohio to begin her college career at Marietta College, where she was part of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority as well as the McDonough School of Leadership. In her spare time, she also figure skated competitively. She spent her senior year in an externship at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus in Manhattan, New York. During this year, while finishing up her college career, Amy also interned in Sony Theaters’ Advertising Department. Amy Barrett graduated from Marietta College in 1996, with a Bachelor of Arts in marketing. 

After graduating from college and moving to New Mexico, Amy started her professional career in Carlsbad, New Mexico at a U.S. Department of Energy Waste Isolation Pilot Plant run by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. This plant was a low level nuclear waste repository where she worked in the Human Resources Department as a Plant Communicator. She also gave public tours of the mine, allowing her to spend time interacting with new people, which she enjoyed greatly.  

Amy Barrett began her career in the medical world in 1998, when she moved to Albuquerque and joined the University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Campus as a part of their Marketing Department. During her time in this position, Amy Barrett participated in the marketing for the University’s School of Medicine, College of Nursing, and UNM Children’s Hospital.

Five years later, Amy Barrett moved to Ohio, this time living in Cleveland. Although her main focus had shifted toward motherhood at this point in her life, Amy Barrett volunteered with the pediatric patients at the Cleveland Clinic, fulfilling her desire to help others that would be continued in her work with Dr. Kevin Pauza and the Discseel® Procedure.

Finally, in 2006, Amy Barrett moved to Tyler, Texas, where she has lived ever since, and it was here that she began her friendship with Carrie Wright that led her to a career as a Patient Liaison for the Discseel® Procedure. 

Amy began by calling and following up with Discseel® Procedure patients in order to monitor their healing process. In this position, she gained a great education on the spine from Dr. Pauza himself, simply by asking questions in order to better help the patients she was speaking with every day. This knowledge allowed Amy Barrett to move from following up with patients to taking care of patients prior to undergoing the Discseel® Procedure, educating and screening patients based on her knowledge of both the spine and the procedure. 

Amy Barrett’s philosophy for patient care is focused on her passion for educating Discseel® Procedure patients who may not have a full understanding of or may have been miseducated about their spine pain and what could be causing it. Amy Barrett is willing to spend as much time as necessary explaining anything patients would like to know in plain terms that make this information more accessible to patients. 

This is helped by the fact that meeting new people and talking about the Discseel® Procedure are two of Amy Barrett’s favorite things. As easy as it is for her to plainly and clearly discuss the procedure with patients, Amy Barrett is just as confident discussing the procedure with doctors as well. However, she’s also willing to admit that there are some (albeit few) things she doesn’t know about the spine and is more than happy to direct patients or doctors to Dr. Pauza when she’s met with a question she can’t answer.

Part of Amy Barrett’s passion for educating patients comes from her own history of spine troubles, for which she underwent a microdiscectomy and, eventually, the Discseel® Procedure. This history allows Amy Barrett to empathize with patients, as she’s been in the same position of attempting to manage pain through various forms of conservative care such as diets cutting out inflammatory foods, epidurals, and more. In addition to this, as a Discseel® Procedure patient, Amy Barrett is familiar with the healing process.

Amy Barrett is also happy to provide patients with her personal contact info so that they can contact her directly, ensuring that they get the help they need as quickly as possible.

Outside of work, Amy Barrett is married (her husband has had the Discseel® Procedure as well!) and has a large family she lovingly refers to as “The Brady Bunch”, made up of 3 boys and 3 girls.

If you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for the Discseel® Procedure, apply online or call us at (239) 317-3108 to speak with a patient liaison like Amy Barrett.

Amy Barrett & family
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