Three sisters mountains

Update From Sean G., Discseel® Procedure Patient


Sean is a Discseel® Procedure patient who recently checked in to let us know what he’s been up to since his procedure. He climbed the South Sister mountain of Oregon’s Three Sisters, a mountain that is part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc. Each of the mountains that are part of the Three Sisters trio rises over 10,000 feet, making these mountains popular among avid climbers. 

He has many other hobbies he loves, but he’s currently spending his time traveling and climbing mountains. This is just one of the many ways in which the Discseel® Procedure has allowed to get back to doing the things he loves that he was worried he would no longer be able to enjoy after his back pain began.

Sean underwent the Discseel® Procedure 7 years ago after he began to notice his back becoming stiff. Prior to his back issues, he had an active lifestyle in Hawaii full of hiking, swimming, surfing, and climbing mountains, but over time found himself unable to keep this up due to his back pain. 

He underwent many different treatments for his back pain, but none provided him with anything other than temporary relief, and when the pain returned it was worse than it had been before. He began doing his own research in order to find a treatment that could provide him with lasting relief without requiring any hardware or extended downtime. It was important to him that he would be able to get back to the active lifestyle he loved as soon as possible. This is why he decided to choose Dr. Pauza and the Discseel® Procedure. 

Two weeks after the procedure, Sean was back to walking and swimming and after three weeks he was surfing and hiking again. In just a little over 2 months after his procedure, he successfully climbed Washington’s Mt. Baker, and he’s been climbing mountains ever since. He’ll be checking in with us from a new mountain very soon, so check back to find out what Sean’s up to, thanks to Dr. Pauza and the Discseel® Procedure!

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