Update From Sean G., Discseel® Procedure Patient – Part Two

Sean is a Discseel® Procedure patient who checked in with us last week about his current mountain climbing excursion. His latest update is also from the South Sister mountain of Oregon’s Three Sisters, which he reached the peak of last week.

His new update includes a look at Teardrop Pool, the highest lake in Oregon. This lake can be found in South Sister’s summit crater, a crater that is a remnant of the mountain’s volcanic past. Unlike the other two mountains in this formation, South Sister has retained an uneroded conical shape at its peak.

The day they reached the peak Sean and his climbing partner set their wake-up alarm for 3 A.M. and managed to reach South Sister’s peak before anyone else that day.

However, there was a time when Sean thought his days of mountain climbing were behind him because of back pain that made keeping up his active lifestyle more and more difficult. Thanks to the Discseel® Procedure Sean has been able to get back to doing the things he loves and is living the life he wants.

Our second update from Sean G., a Discseel® Procedure patient who's living pain free and spending his time climbing mountains!

Sean underwent the Discseel® Procedure 7 years ago after attempting many different treatments for his back pain, none of which provided him with anything more than temporary relief. He also noticed that his returning pain was worse than it had been before treatment. He began looking for a treatment that would provide him with lasting relief without hardware or extended downtime. This is why he chose Dr. Pauza and the Discseel® Procedure.

Two weeks after the procedure, Sean was back to walking and swimming and after three weeks he was surfing and hiking again. In just a little over 2 months after his procedure, he successfully climbed Washington’s Mt. Baker, and he’s been climbing mountains ever since. Check back for future updates on Sean’s travels!

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