About Our Discseel® Procedure Facility

We know many of you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 (the new coronavirus,) and fortunately, our high standard of patient care and cleanliness proves to be beneficial. Our Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) facility is designated for the exclusive, sole use of our select patients. Current CDC COVID-19 recommendations have always been a part of our infection control program designed to prevent transmission of all infections, including seasonal respiratory infections and COVID-19.

Other community and academic hospitals with “open-door” policies such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, & other medical facilities find themselves under a different set of circumstances because they receive countless numbers of patients from throughout the community. While many patients have only mild illness and do not require hospitalization, they are still overwhelming those emergency departments and hospitals, making it increasingly challenging for them to distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory Infections.

The Discseel Procedure® Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) facility has always maintained the highest standards to prevent infection, long before the Coronavirus. For this reason, no patient has ever experienced a communicable infection at our center.

Our private Ambulatory Surgery Center remains earmarked for the exclusive use of our select patients undergoing prescheduled Discseel® Procedures. It is one of many reasons that no major United States Hospital shares our excellent record. In fact, they are now adopting our longstanding protocols of infection prevention, cleanliness, and patient care. 

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