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Kevin Pauza, M.D. treats patients with chronic low back pain and neck pain - both those who desire avoiding surgery, and those who failed to experience relief from surgery in the lumbar and cervical spine. Our focus is to provide you with a better quality of life, without surgery.

After helping countless failed spinal surgery patients, Dr. Pauza developed a procedure called Discseel®. The primary component in Discseel® is a natural substance called fibrin. Relative to spinal surgery, much less invasive, in fact it's minimally invasive while allowing a shortened 60 minute recovery. Its use prevents the numerous, negative issues associated with spinal surgery.

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Kevin Pauza, MD Interventional Spine Specialist
Kevin Pauza, MD
Interventional Spine Specialist

Dr. Pauza is the first physician in history to pursue FDA approval for using biologics to treat the spine. Millions of patients will benefit from his development of minimally invasive treatments for degenerative disc disease and other more common and serious disorders of the spine.

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Carrie Wright Director of Biologics
Carrie Wright
Director of Biologics

You may be pleased to learn that Carrie Wright will be your optimal friend and advocate in helping guide you through the diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms. Most doctors forget that you’re a unique person with a unique situation.

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Michele Pena Communications Director
Michele Pena
Communications Director
Brittany Davis Patient Liaison
Brittany Davis
Patient Liaison
Amy Barrett Research Coordinator
Amy Barrett
Research Coordinator
Rhonda Loosier Patient Liaison
Rhonda Loosier
Patient Liaison
Kwadwo Boachie-Adjei Research Coordinator
Kwadwo Boachie-Adjei
Research Coordinator