What is Pauza Discseel?

 Research evaluating the Biologic utilized in Pauza Discseel affirms its safety and ability to seal discs in the lumbar and cervical spine, thus healing leaky degenerated discs, for those suffering with Leaky Disk Syndrome. Medical leaders call Pauza Discseel a "disruptive technology", something with enough importance to change the paradigm of spine treatment. 

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The Science

Kevin Pauza, MD, developed a spine procedure Pauza Discseel utilizing a natural, injectable Biologic, thus revolutionizing spine treatment. This biologic, injected into lumbar and cervical discs during Pauza Discseel, proves more safe than spine fusion surgery. No spine fusion treatment has ever been more rigorously studied, as the Biologic utilized in Pauza Discseel, in a randomized, placebo controlled fashion. 

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Most patients worldwide, who underwent Pauza Discseel, experience pain relief. Most patients enjoy a better quality of life, and no patient has ever been made worse following Pauza Discseel in the lumbar and cervical spine. Our patient testimonials convey our patients' experiences with Pauza Discseel. If you've been fortunate to have Pauza Discseel, please share your experience. 

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In The Media

As a result of his innovative work using biologics to treat the spine, Dr. Kevin Pauza has appeared on many news and television broadcasts. He has also been featured in publications such as; The New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.


Our Process

Candidates for Pauza Discseel meet with Dr. Pauza for a detailed consultation to determine the best treatment for their lumbar and/or cervical spine. A suggested test may include an annnulogram. Before the advent of highly refined annulograms, physicians historically relied on MRIs and discograms, however their diagnostic value was comparatively limited. An annulogram is the only test able to reveal the existance of all of the discs' annular tears. These tears go unseen by MRIs or discograms. For these disc tears, Pauza Discseel is their only available treatment. This simple, outpatient procedure, takes 30 minutes, followed by a 60 minute recovery. 

Pauza Discseel

Are You An Optimal Discseel Candidate?

Dr. Kevin Pauza Back Pain Spine Interventionalist Dr. Kevin Pauza, pioneer of Pauza Diskseel™

To find out if you are an optimal Pauza Discseel Candidate, apply today. We take your back pain diagnosis and treatment seriously,which is why we treat only those we think we can provide long-term relief to. We'd be honored to talk with you, discussing the options available for you in your search for a pain-free life. Living free of back pain is a reality, after your discs are sealed, which allows them to heal. You may apply online or call us directly at 903-593-2222.

“If you’ve had pain for years, so long that you almost forget what it’s like to live an enjoyable life without symptoms, then reach out to us, that’s what we do.  My focus is on learning the source of your symptoms and treating you, so that you can get back to the life that you once enjoyed.”
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Kevin Pauza, M.D.