What is PDT™?

 Research evaluating the Biologic utilized in Pauza Disc Treatment™ (PDT™) affirms its safety and ability to seal, and stimulate disc regrowth, thus healing degenerated discs(1). FDA approval confirmed this Biologic's ability to regrow the spine's "dura" tissue(2). Medical leaders call PDT a "Disruptive Technology"; something with enough importance to change the paradigm of Spine Treatment.

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The Science

Kevin Pauza, MD, developed a Spine procedure utilizing a natural, injectible Biologic, thus revolutionizing Spine Treatment. This Biologic, injected into discs during PDT™, proves more safe than spine fusion surgery. Associated publications are summarized here. No spine fusion treatment has ever been more rigorously studied, as the Biologic utilized in PDT™, in a randomized, placebo controlled fashion. Johns Hopkins' research confirmed some Stem Cell treatments caused cancer, unlike this safe Biologic utilized in PDT™.

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Most patients Worldwide, who underwent PDT™, experience pain relief.  Most patients enjoy a better quality of life, and no patient has ever been made worse following PDT™; a claim which can't be made with stem cells, LASER ,or other spine surgeries. Our Testimonials page conveys our patient's experience with PDT™. If you've been fortunate to have PDT™, please share your experience. 

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In The Media

As a result of his innovative work using biologics to treat the spine, Dr. Kevin Pauza has appeared on many news and television broadcasts. He has also been featured in publications such as; The New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.


Our Process

Candidates for PDT will meet with Dr. Pauza for an initial consultation and typically Dr. Pauza will schedule you for a discogram to confirm the disc as the source of your pain. After interpreting the discography results, Dr. Pauza will know exactly where your pain originates. Dr. Pauza will then present you with a written treatment plan. The PDT™ is an outpatient minimally invasive procedure that takes approximately 60 minutes followed by a recovery period of 60 minutes. Over the next 12-months your damaged discs will regrow into the full healthy pain-free discs you had as a teenager. 


Are You An Optimal PDT™ Candidate?

Dr. Kevin Pauza Back Pain Surgeon Dr. Kevin Pauza, pioneer of the Pauza Disc Treatment

Applying to become a PDT™ candidate is available right here on our website. We look forward to talking with you and discussing the options available for you in your search for a pain-free life. Living free of back pain can be a reality, apply today online or call us directly at 903-593-2222.

“If you’ve had pain for years, so long that you almost forget what it’s like to live an enjoyable life without symptoms, then reach out to us, that’s what we do.  My focus is on learning the source of your symptoms and treating you, so that you can get back to the life that you once enjoyed.”
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Kevin Pauza, M.D.