Study Summaries

Concentrated Fibrin (Discseel® Procedure) Study Summaries

Disc Pain:

  • Disc pain is among the largest sources of low back pain
  • No conservative or non-surgical therapy, including physical therapy, is scientifically proven to relieve disc pain
  • Long term surgical success is less than 50%


Disc degeneration causes: 

  • Vertebral endplate sclerosis
  • Accumulation of painful and damaging inflammatory proteins and proteolytic enzymes
  • Nucleus Pulposis death
  • Disc reduction in proteoglycan and water content
  • Nucleus Pulposis fibrosis


Chronic disc pain associates with:

  • Accumulation of radial and concentric anulus fibrosis tears
  • Vascular and painful nerve in-growth into anular tears
  • Increased sensitivity to pain stimuli of exposed nerves


Discseel Treatment characteristics:

  • The Biologic flows into the disc's tears and fissures, thus sealing them with a resorbable tissue matrix
  • Concentrated fibrin (Discseel® Procedure) is uniquely formulated for disc healing


Healing with Concentrated Fibrin:

  • Builds a naturally conductive tissue scaffold
  • Metabolically reduces inflammation
  • Improves anabolic catabolic balance
  • Enhanced disc healing by concentrated fibrin


Pain Relief Resulting from Concentrated Fibrin (Discseel® Procedure):

  • Concentrated fibrin binds to degenerated disc tissue, sealing anular leaks
  • Inhibits inflammatory cytokines and proteolytic enzymes
  • Pre-programmed degradation of concentrated fibrin stimulates tissue repair via chemotaxis
  • The disc tissue repair provides sustained pain relief


  • THe FDA study proves concentrated fibrin heals degenerated discs
  • Catalyze the natural soft tissue repair process
  • The Discseel® Procedure is a non-surgical, percutaneous procedure
  • Unlike fusions or artificial discs, Discseel® Procedure does not damage adjacent discs.
  • FDA NASS Outstanding Study of the Year supports concentrated fibrin used in the Discseel® Procedure beneficial physical and metabolic modes of action