“When a patient with cervical or low back pain visits me, I first ask them if their pain interferes with their activities. If it doesn’t, I encourage them by saying: 'It's okay to do nothing, because back pain often goes up and down, but won’t necessarily worsen.'  When neck pain or low back pain interferes with your sleep or activities, then it’s time to do something. It's time for me to identify the source of your pain and treat it.” - Dr. Pauza


Identify the Source of Your Pain

During your consultation, Dr. Pauza considers everything: your symptoms, tests, procedures, and lifetime goals. Dr. Pauza recognizes other doctors may have caused you to go around and around without logical answers. Many spine specialists don't yet acknowledge pain caused by leakage of a disc's nucleus pulposis, caused by annular disc tears. Dr.Pauza will identify the source of your symptoms and offer simple solutions, unavailable elsewhere.   


Unparalleled Personal Care

Dr. Pauza gives all of his patients his personal cell phone number. Therefore, as his patient, you may call him 24/7, something unheard of among most specialists.  


Patients will be taller because the disc is going to grow. Patients will have less pain, so they may have to stop taking their pain medicine because they won’t need it. Then last, patients become more active because they don’t have the pain that prevented that in the past. After thousands of surgeries we have had no long-term or serious negative side effects from Pauza Discseel.

Any person with long lasting low back pain is a potential candidate. A person with low back pain who’s had surgery or a person with low back pain who prefers to avoid surgery is a potential candidate, because the cushion in the back known as the disc is the most common cause of low back pain.

While a specific amount can’t be given until the doctor evaluates your case, Pauza Discseel generally costs less than 25% of what a spinal fusion would cost.

Pauza Discseel is not currently covered by insurance.

That’s okay and is a situation that many of our patients are in. They’ve had prior surgery, they’ve had fusions, and they’ve had metal inserted into their backs. That’s what we work with, and our goal is to help you have a pain free life.

The cushions in the low back are called discs, and the disc is the most common cause of low back pain. We know that the discs can be injured, degenerate, bulge, and herniate. These conditions need to be corrected, and the best way to correct them, is to correct them naturally, not to add hardware, plates, rods, or screws. In the long term, these do not help the patient.

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