Dr. Kevin Pauza is a renowned interventional spine specialist and creator of the Discseel® Procedure.  With his extensive experience in non-surgical spine care and innovative approach to treating back pain, Dr. Pauza’s insights are invaluable. We’ve captured his expertise in video interviews to offer you a unique opportunity to learn directly from a leading authority in spinal health.

dr. kevin pauza

Humbled by Discseel® Patients


Discseel® Procedure, Simple, Beautiful Science That Works​


Failed Surgery and the Discseel® Procedure


The Discseel® Paradigm Shift


Golfers and the Discseel® Procedure


Discseel® Procedure not to be confused with any other regenerative treatments


The Efficacy of the Discseel® Procedure


Why the Discseel® Procedure works when other treatments fail


Another advantage of the Discseel® Procedure


Why Only Discseel® Can Help Golfers

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