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Are you tired of living with chronic lower back pain and not being able to do the things you love? We want to help you enjoy the simple things in life again, like going on long walks or getting back to the gym. It’s our goal to help you achieve relief with our minimally invasive procedure.

Dr. Kevin Pauza has helped thousands of patients find permanent relief from lower back pain allowing them to love their life again.

“If you’ve had pain for years, so long that you almost forget what it’s like to live an enjoyable life without symptoms, then reach out to us, that’s what we do. My focus is on learning the source of your symptoms and treating you, so that you can get back to the life that you once enjoyed.”

Please complete and submit the form below. We will contact you to confirm your personal information, answer any questions you may have or schedule your consultation with Dr. Pauza. You can also contact us by calling  903-593-2222.


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