Herniated Disc


A herniated disc is the result of tears of the disc's annulus fibrosis (outer section) allowing the nucleus pulposis (inner jelly section) to leak through the disc.

Many spine surgeons mistakingly believe pressure from a herniated disc, sometimes called a "pinched nerve" is the source of symptoms. Countless scientific studies have proven that a person's symptoms are typically due to inflammation caused by the disc leaking onto the spinal nerve and not necessarily from pressure on the nerve itself. 

This may be why the relief from disectomies is not long lasting, and disectomies actually weaken the disc, while  Discseel strengthens the disc by healing its tears.  

Many herniated discs do not cause symptoms, but instead are incidental findings observed on the MRI. In fact, this may be why many surgical disectomies provide no relief and some surgeries actually worsen symptoms (New England Journal Medicine July 17, 1994). 


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