meet Kevin Pauza, MD


Interventional Spine Fellowship, Neurological Institute.

University of Pennsylvania

  University of Pennsylvania attended by Dr. Kevin Pauza    Penn State University Dr. Kevin Pauza


Physical Medicine and Rehab, University of Pennsylvania

 Dr. Kevin Pauza, conducted his Residency at the University of Pennsylvania.      Medical Residency for Dr. Kevin Pauza completed at the University of Pennsylvania.


Surgery & Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

  Dr. Kevin Pauza world leading back pain surgeon conducted his medical internship at the Columbia University.     Columbia University Dr. Kevin Pauza backpain



MD, Pennsylvania State University

Penn State University Dr Kevin Pauza   Penn State College of Medicine 


Biology, Lehigh University

Psychology, Lehigh University

Dr. Kevin Pauza attend Lehigh University earning a Bachelors of Arts in Biology.    Lehigh university Dr Kevin Pauza


President-Elect, International Spine Intervention Society

Founding Partner, Texas Spine and Joint Hospital

Commencement Speaker, Penn State University College of Medicine

Advisory Board, AMA

Keynote Speaker, Harvard Pain Center Grand Opening

Founding Chairman, Standards Committee International Spine Intervention Society

Chairman Spine Committee,  American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Invited Speaker and Advisor,  Japanese Prime Minister

Appointed Spine Advisor,  Allied Royal Families and Dignitaries



Recent studies reveal that spinal fusions likely injure adjacent discs.  It's been shown that discectomies weaken discs, leading to disc degeneration. Therefore, surgical societies recommend not fusing spines to treat back pain. Instead, fusions are only for instability, such as that caused by cancer or trauma. Fusions are 1911 technology, essentially unchanged since Ford's Model T. It's my thought that you deserve better.

After helping hundreds of patients who failed to experience relief after spine surgery, it became evident to me that current methods needed to change. This motivated me to seek better ways to help patients, by thinking outside the box.

Discseel® is the only FDA approved biologic, actually proven to regrow and heal spine tissue, such as the outer covering, called Dura. With Discseel®, spine treatment finally reaches the 21st Century.