meet Carrie Wright, Director of Biologics

  • Carrie Wright

    Director of Biologics for Kevin Pauza, MD

    Her twenty-two years of experience in biomechanics, exercise, and medical care allow Carrie to appropriately direct Discseel™ overseas and domestic growth, while empathisizing with patient's needs.  After earning her Bachelor's Degree, while working in one of our nation's top specialty hospitals, Carrie recognized the needs of spine patients.  To address their needs, she obtained her advanced-level Peak Pilates Instructor certification, and this provides both physicians and patients with expertise in spine exercise and rehabilitation.  

    She recognized that commonly utilized spine surgery techniques, even among the best MDs, often provided unsuccessful outcomes. This sparked her interest in thinking outside the box concerning the need to develope more cutting edge spine technology. 

    Therefore, she began her work with Kevin Pauza, MD, first educating patients and healthcare providers, and then directing Discseel's™ fast growth in the USA, Japan, and elswhere.  She serves as Director of Biologcs for Dr Pauza in Texas, NYC at the Park Avenue Medical Arts Center, and at overseas locations. 

    Her respected expertise in body mechanics, combined with her knowledge and advanced training in disc biologics, uniquely qualifies her to help patients understand the science of Discseel™ procedure. Patients benefit from her unique perspective as patient advocate and educator, as well as Director of Dr Pauza's concierge medical practice in the United States and abroad.  

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